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Tools For SAT/ACT Prep

Here are three resources for test preparation.

1- Check out our free, comprehensive database :

You'll find it under the Teen banner on the Farmingdale Library website; scroll to Resource Help and Electronic Resources For Teens will pop up to the right. Click on it. Scroll down to Learning Express and click on either home use or library use.
You will find SAT, ACT, AP, PSAT/NMSQT practice exams and career guidance. For details see below:

ACT- preparation tutorials, practice tests for English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing, ACT complete simulated practice test and ACT test prep eBooks

SAT- test preparation tutorial, eBooks and practice tests

AP- practiced and exam preparation eBooks

PSAT/NMSQT - practice

College Admissions Essay Writing - Learn how to write a college admissions essay

2- Another free resource is the College Board SAT practice site. This site helps with registration, understanding the format of the test, and setting up study groups, and it includes helpful posts about t…

An App for Telling Stories in 3D

Could you be the next Ana DuVernay or Steven Spielberg?
A new, free app gives kids the tools to try their hands at directing. Toontastic 3D enables children to create their own animated movies.

"We call it our movie studio in a box," says Andy Russell, a product manager at Google who helped develop the app. " The goal is to empower kids with the types of tools that Hollywood directors have to tell any kind of story".

The story could take the form of a movie, a school report, or even a music video.Unlike other online tools that focus on the technical aspects of film making, Toontastic 3D puts the emphasis on storytelling.

In this app, users can choose from three story arcs: short stories, geared toward younger children; classic stories, or epic tales; and science reports, which take students through the steps of conducting a science experiment.

Student creators can choose from eight different setting in Toontastic 3D or can draw their own. Students then c…