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Teen Review: Disney Movies

Disney Movies by MB

Disney movies in general are very good in terms of watching a movie with your family and getting a good lesson out of it. If you readers don;t get what I'm saying or don't agree with me, keep reading and this may change your mind. Also, if you are reading this and say these movies are for little kids, I can see how you feel that way with the magic and fairy tale creatures, but trust me, they are great movies.

For example, the movie "The Lion King" was such a good movie. It was such a good father son lesson throughout the story and the lesson of having friends back you up was also there. This movie was also sad and may make you cry if you watch it. But don't worry, I won't spoil the movie so you can watch it for yourselves. Another movie that shows friendship and father son relationships has to be "Finding Nemo."I can only say that this movie is one of my favorites. It was so strong with having your father/family member always the…

Teen Review: The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars by JK

The book The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is a great book for young adults and older. The novel follows the story of a teen girl who is diagnosed with cancer at age 13. Hazel Grace Lancaster was diagnosed with terminal thyroid cancer that spread to her lungs over time. When she goes to a cancer support group, she meets Augustus Walters, a teenage boy that has osteosarcoma, a kind of cancer tat is common in adolescents that could be quiet for some time before hitting them full force.

Once Hazel and Gus meet, both their worlds change. They do everything together and they would spend most of their time with each other. The novel is a page turner, there's a surprise and bump on every page. It sucks you in and forces you to want to know more. It has the perfect mixture of romance, drama, and comedy that pushes the reader to not stop reading.

This novel especially will allow you to see the world differently and in a whole new light. I recommend this nove…

Teen Review: Harry Potter series

Harry Potter Series by MB

The Harry Potter books are really good in my opinion. As you readers may know, it's fictional with spells and the wizard world. Well I like this series so much, I wrote a personal essay on the series because it is so good. As you readers may know, there is a website with the Harry Potter series called Pottermore.

Anyway for the readers that don't understand anything so far, Harry Potter is the main character in a book full of fictional events like spells and the wizarding world. The books are based on Harry Potter and his realization of him being a wizard without knowing. Also, it talk about how he was raised by muggles, and muggles are people without wizarding heritage or wizarding powers.

The books also tell the struggle he faces with an enemy to the wizarding world who tried to kill Harry as a baby but failed and gave Harry a scar, making Harry Potter a famous wizard. Most of the books are based on him going to the famous school called Hogwarts Sch…

Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes

Applications are now being accepted for the 2016 Barron Prize for Young Heroes
ELIGIBILITY The Barron Prize welcomes applications from public-spirited young people who are: Between the ages of 8 and 18 (not yet age 19) Permanent residents of and currently residing in the U.S.A. or Canada Currently working on an inspiring service project or have done so within the past 12 months Working as an individual to lead their service work. The Barron Prize does not accept applications from large groups of young people. The Barron Prize does not discriminate against its applicants based on race, color, ethnicity, national origin, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.

Application deadline is April 15
To apply, go to the Barron Prize website.

Calling All Girls: Marvel Captain America Civil War Challenge

Calling all girls between the ages of 15 and 18 and in grades 10 - 12 who want to make a positive change in the world through STEM
Have you developed or dreamed of an amazing project you think could revolutionize the world, simplify our lives, help the disabled, or just make life on earth a little better, safer, or healthier?
MARVEL STUDIOS is searching nationwide for girls - just like you - ages 15 to 18 in grades 10 - 12 to explore their inner potential to reform the future with positive world change by creating an original and innovative project using STEM. 
One winner of MARVEL'S CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR - GIRLS REFORMING THE FUTURE CHALLENGE will be selected to receive an internship with MARVEL STUDIOS.
You may create a new project for the challenge or submit a project you previously developed for a class, for a science competition, or just for fun. Science, technology, engineeri…

Teen Review: The 5th Wave

The 5th Wave by MB

The book The 5th Wave is written by author Rick Yancey. The book was great in my opinion. I will describe it to you with a brief summary. The book is mainly about an alien invasion in the present day United States. I know that you're probably thinking that it's some science fiction book and it's not interesting. Keep reading and decide at the end of this review.

So, as I was saying, the book is based on a main character named Casey Sullivan who is in high school to experience it. The invasion wasn't that dramatic in the beginning. Most people didn't realize until the media found out about it. The invasion was a series of waves that hurt us humans even more catastrophically every time a wave happened.

The 1st wave was a cut in the electrical system. You're probably thinking that it's no big deal without power. But it was worse than that as in no phones could be used and all electrical appliances and things like airplanes and cars stopped w…

Young Scientist Challenge

Discovery Education and 3M have opened the annual Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge for students in grades 5–8. Kids can compete for the opportunity to work with a 3M scientist mentor, $25,000, a trip to the 3M Innovation Center in St. Paul, MN, and the title “America’s Top Young Scientist.” To enter, students must create a one to two-minute video illustrating the science behind a new innovation that would positively impact them, their family, their community, or the global population. To enter: PARENTS must sign the parental consent form and register their child.Log-in with your username and password.Review thethought starters, research your topic, find out what thejudgesare looking for, and review the FAQs
Complete your student profile and upload your video entry by April 20, 2016.

For more information, go to the Discovery Education site.

Teen Review: The Legend Series

The Legend Series by JC

The Legend series is one of my all time favorite series written by Marie Lu. There are three books to the series and they are all great. The first book is Legend,  the second is Prodigy, and the third is Champion. The first book to me is the best. It's very entertaining with a lot of suspense while the second and third books are filled with action and romance.

The main characters are Day and June. Day is framed in the first book for murdering June's older brother Metias. After finding out about her bother's death, she made a promise that she would get revenge. She eventually catches him, but finds out he was framed. She also found out that her country, The Republic of America, was feeding their people lies about them winning the war against the Colonies of America. So it becomes her goal along with Day to fix their corrupted government, end the war, and to find a cure for the plague.

That's just the first book, so the second and third books are …