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Have Audiobook, Will Travel Part 2- Young Adult

Here are some young adult audiobooks you are sure to enjoy!

Emergency Contact by Mary H.K. Choi

In debut novelist Choi's quirky love-story-of-sorts, narrators Osmanski's and Roy convincingly propel two misfits toward each other. Osmanski's Penny is slightly detached, avoiding her mother's orbit by escaping to UT Austin, hoping to find a whole new world.  Roy voices Sam, Penny's roommate's
21-year-old ex-uncle-by-marriage (got all that?). Penny and Sam's chance second meeting involves a panic-not-heart-attack. They fatefully designate each other "emergency contacts", and their texting begins...

Mariam Sharma Hits the Road by Sheba Karim

Mariam, Ghazala, and Umar are three best friends, their aural personalities immediately differentiated by chameleonic Nankani. Despite sharing Pakistani American and New Jersey backgrounds, their families couldn't be more different.  When Ghaz gets shamed by their pious Muslim community for posing (scantily clad)…
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Children's & Teen Choice Book Award Winners Announced!


For the Children’s Choice Book Award K – 2nd Grade Category:

I SAY OOH YOU SAY AAH, written and illustrated by John Kane (Kane Miller Books)


Have Audiobook, Will Travel!

Here are some suggestions from Terry Hong (SLJ March and May 2019) for great audiobooks for your summer vacation travels!

Middle Grade

Flying Lessons and Other Stories edited by Ellen Oh

Some of the most beloved children's writers- including Matt de la Pena, Grace Lin and Walter Dean Myers- are gathered in this entertaining collection, guaranteed to resonate with diverse audiences.

Harbor Me by Jacqueline Woodson

Six middle schoolers are ushered every Friday afternoon into a former art room, cleverly renamed the "A-R-T-T room- A Room To Talk", and encouraged to "talk about the things kids talk about when no grown-ups are around". Woodson and her own children feature in the stellar cast.

In the Shadow of the Sun by Anne Sibley O'Brien

what do you do when your family trip turns out to be to North Korea?  Mia and Simon head to Pyongyang with their aid-director father, only to have him disappear, leaving the intrepid siblings to save him- and themselves.


Mix It Up Poetry - Poetry Tools to Put in Your Pocket!

Here are a selection of apps and websites, vetted by librarians and educators, for use in school libraries, classrooms, and public libraries.

Getting Started

Blackout Poems- grade 3 and up

Save some pages from damaged or discarded books for blackout poetry. Part art project, part puzzle, and part writing assignment, a blackout poem utilizes the works already printed on a page to create a yet-to-be-written work of the poet's imagination. Cover up works with a black market so that only  the chosen words on a page remain readable.

Button Poetry's Classroom Friendly Poems- Grade 5 and up

The classroom friendly  poems sectio offers videos of poets reading their work aloud- without any adult language or age-inappropriate content. A great source for vetted poems performed by a diverse range of poets.

Poetry Out Loud- Grade 6 and up

A joint effort between the National Endownment for the Arts and th…

If You Like the Movie...

These 5 films hit the big screen this summer. Kids who like them will also enjoy these books.

Pokemon Detective Pikachu (May)
The Buried Bones Mystery by Sharon DraperDinotopia: A Land Apart from Time by James GurneyThe Field Guide: The Spiderwick Chronicles by Holly Black & Tony DiTerlizzi
A Dog's Journey (May)
Dash by Kirby LarsonMaxi's Secrets by Lynn PlourdeRibsy by Beverly Cleary
The Sun is Also a Star (May)
History Is All You Left Me by Adam SilveraNick & Norah's Infinite Playlist by David Levithan & Rachel Cohen Pride by Ibi Zoboi  Artemis Fowl (August)
Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians by Brandon SandersonReckless by Cornelia FunkeSkulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (August)
The Dark-Thirty: Southern Tales of the Supernatural by Pat McKissackHalf-Minute Horrors edited by Susan RichThe Jumbies by Tracey Baptiste   Enjoy!!             

See the first image ever taken of a supermassive black hole!

For the first time ever, humanity can gaze at an actual photograph of a supermassive black hole. It’s an achievement that took supercomputers, eight telescopes stationed on five continents, hundreds of researchers, and vast amounts of data to accomplish. The results from this project, called the Event Horizon Telescope, were announced today at joint press conferences that were live-streamed around the world. In addition to providing a picture that will quickly be incorporated into teaching materials, the results helped to confirm (again) Einstein’s theory of general relativity, and it gave astrophysicists an unprecedented close-up of these enigmatic, dense celestial phenomena.

“Black holes are the most mysterious objects in the Universe,” Sheperd Doeleman, the project director of the Event Horizon Telescope, said at a press conference today before unveiling the image. “We’ve been at this for so long,” Doeleman said. “When you work at this field for a long time, you get a lot of interm…

Top 15 Mistakes to Avoid in Choosing a College

By Teen Kids News, November 6, 2017

Choosing a college is stressful and making sure you make the right decision can often feel like a daunting task. To help out with the process, here are some common mistakes to avoid along the way:

1. Rushing the process. Finding the right college takes time and effort, not to mention research and an often lengthy application process. Waiting until the last minute or just “falling into a college” is never a good idea. It takes the most important factor out of the equation—you.
2. Being a follower. Following a boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend to the college of their choice may seem like a good idea at the time because you want to be near them, but this is one of the most pivotal points in your life, too. You need to remember to make the best decisions for yourself and, if your relationships are strong, they will outlast time and distance anyway.
3. The legacy lure. We’re aware the commandment states “Honor thy father and mother.” However, only consider…