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7 New Badass YA Heroines for You to Love

According to Lisa Parkin, YA book Blogger, these strong YA heroines are confident and capable, not to mention fierce, and empowering in so many ways. All published in 2015, here are some literary winners and their inspiring protagonists you may have missed: Aya -The Glass Arrowby Kristen Simmons The Sitch: In a futuristic dystopia where women are bought and traded like cattle, Aya has remained hidden for years from the men who would sell her. That is until her luck runs out. The Skills: Despite getting caught, Aya refuses to accept her situation and masterfully plans her escape. When I say Aya is fierce, I’m not overstating anything. She has a determination so strong and an iron will so solid that I was left in awe. The Reason to Read: Aside from its epic heroine,The Glass Arrowoffers incredible world-building and non-stop action and surprises. Shahrzad -The Wrath and the Dawnby Renee Ahdieh